Tattoo rant..

Ok so I’ve always hated this and I think I’ve talked about it before.. But here goes:
I’m a tattooed girl, I love tattoos.

People often say different negative things to me about my tattoos. So this is my response:

1. To me, tattoos are a creative outlet/symbol. I’m not gonna be one of those women who when I’m old and grey looks at my tattoos and says “why?” I’ll look at them with pride.

2. I’ve thought out my tattoos. I just don’t go randomly into a tattoo parlour and see an image and be like “yeah I’ll have that one”.

3. Yes, they have meaning but you don’t need to know the meaning. That’s for me to know, and if you’re lucky you’ll find out.

4. If I want to keep getting tattoos I will.

5. My wedding pictures will look awesome with my tattoos.

6. If my kids want tattoos: go right ahead. If not, that’s ok.

7. Just because I have tattoos doesn’t give you the right to give me a judgemental look or treat me differently. I’m more than likely a better person than you because I don’t judge people on how they look, I judge on how a person acts towards others.

8. Why would I put myself through the pain? Eh, because I like tattoos. Also I don’t mind the pain, a lot of my tattoos didn’t really hurt.

So judgey people there you go!